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Gain more Height after puberty

Teenagers may start giving more importance to the way they look and interact within a group, this is often seen as a bad change to their parents or other adults. They will often want to do and say things that seem socially unacceptable, this can often mask the fact that teens have insecurities about the way they look and feel while amongst others.

Whether its the size of their nose, ears or just plain acne spots and pimples teenagers need to feel they fit in and see appearance as one of the main pieces of the social jigsaw. This is a time for support even when adolescence seem to be rebellious. We think that being smaller than the people around you can have a dramatic effect on your self esteem.

Our method of height increase works for ages up to 50's but like most things in life, its better to start younger than older. Late teens after puberty years is the ideal time to force the leg bones into an extra stage of growth.

Since the media have as a priority a good story, and since scientific discovery is a gradual process of refinement of false hypotheses, it is almost inevitable that only the quirky and sensationalist science story gets aired...

The result is that the small people of this world are insufficiently informed and view scientists as dysfunctional nerds or power-crazed robotic megalomaniacs with no normal emotions. Any new leap forward in the market to get taller is always viewed with skepticism!

The latest "Idea" to come out of Japan is called Draw Cuts, this involves pulling a microfine wire through the leg very quickly. The result is a very slight increase in leg length as the bone fusion occurs. Do this many 10's of times and in theory there is a practical application to give some extra height to humans.

Men and women looking to become tall relate with science in a critical manner... public unease, mistrust and occasional outright hostility are breeding a climate of deep anxiety among short folks.

Don't believe the hype about grow taller pills, it's untrue

Dutch are so tall. why ?

No-one yet believes the concept of Holland ointment for local spinal applications.

Just because those people from the Netherlands happen to be tall it does not follow that putting a cream containing hormone enzymes from these people with promote a change in growth. This type of unregulated treatment is dangerous. Order your increase in height here

Skeptics vary on the attitude they take towards a new fringe idea, varying from the "wet" to the "dry". The question of which attitude is better is very much a live issue in the skeptical community. Here is a brief summary of the two extremes:

Because imagery has been one of my specialties for more than twenty years, Look at claims (some that are outrageous) for the effects of this technique and believe or not, but have the credentials to comment on new reasoning for increasing height secrets / treatment of this technique.

As we write in various articles within the section, we are very careful not to make claims about imagery's effectiveness. However, if you read in to some statements, which appear in articles about becoming taller they can be questionable at least in height tall become stories, if you didn't know anything about the subject, you could get a distorted picture.

As far as we know High Life is still the only organisation offering a easy and quick way to get taller for only a few dollars. This now includes our secret plus a systematic exercise to lengthen the legs without expensive equipment or painful surgery

As predicted new research in Singapore has indicated using radio waves to transmit high frequencies to lower leg can stretch the fumer leg bones. This procedure can reduce density in the area of application, making the bone become pliable to manipulation and extension with exercise to stretch and increase height after puberty.

Scientists are unsure how the overall bone structure and strength is affected, but gains of 1 to 2mm per application look promising. Using this technique of several months could lead to lower leg extension of over 2 inches.

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Science and Size

All growth hormone medication increases health risks

Natural facts

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