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Real height increase as your legs become longer

We don't claim or expect you to grow more that around 3%-4% over the time and duration you use out method. Typically this 3%-4% will equate to a maximum gain of 4 inches.

We also extend this information to the many inquiries we receive: Any person or company stating they can show greater gains than this 3%-4% are yet to be independently observed or reviewed, We can only add Buyer Beware.

There is a fundamental problem within all research to find any proven models for height increase. The pharmaceutical industry has lost credibility in the area of human growth. This is due to quackery and snake oil salesmen. Not too much interest here form the big 6 drug companies, if they can't patent a procedure, they can't bottle a medication then no real commercial interest follows. This is how Pharmaceutical companies look at any phenomena.

The next common area of research is procedural based methods; these approaches include exercises and surgery ideas. More usual methods to make you look taller are high heels, hidden heels in the shoes and even hats and hairstyles that raise the height of the head. Good posture and simple standing-upright make for up to an extra inch. We ran a double blinded in house trial with the objective to compare measurable efficacy, as with all human based research only client satisfaction and reflection on success can be measured

Success is very subjective in most areas of human scientific research, but height increase is always measurable in physical terms, yes we mean feet and inches or meters and millimeters if your a metric type.

As a company that has an interest in introducing information and offering a commercial service we summarize as follows:

The grow taller site:
Adult and Teenager Height Increase respectfully provides information on differing treatment and methodology for human growth, The Grow Taller Site recognizes the right of people to have #LongerLegs and access to up-to-date, un-biased information on all differing height developments available.

Please take a look at our Homepage with details on how to become taller with advanced leg science in height increase. Human resource staff take a look at what feeling good will do for your employees

We try to reflect advantages and disadvantages accurately and fairly, to assist individuals in choosing an approach best suited to their needs and circumstances to become tall.

This approach we feel best empowers the individual to take responsibility for themselves and to make informed decisions about their choices.


China height! We cannot offer this service to mainland China. A request from the Ministry of Civil Administration asking us to desist increasing the height of people within China. We are happy to help customers in Hong Kong or Taiwan.


"After paying for height Increase non prescription medication that had little effect on my height, at last a real change in my growth has occurred without any pain!"


Are you the correct height or should you consider becoming taller

Try this calculation using the height your parents as a guide. We will use inches as most of the USA and UK prefer the old measurement scale

Add together the total height of your parents, then add 5 inches more if you are male; or subtract 5 inches if you are female.

You should now have a number between 100-150

Halve it. Now you have a height to work towards. If you are smaller than this number, you can consider our height increase method to grow just a few inches taller

To convert to centimeters use our Height Predictor Chart

Height increase to become taller quickly - Adult & Teen Growth

The idea is so simple. You can tell your friends and workmates that you will be taller the next day. Stand by a clear wall and get someone to mark your height. Make sure they know which shoes you are wearing, (so you don't come in a different pair the next day) You will be able to arrive the next morning and stand by the wall again and be at least 2 inches taller.

Spine or back stretching treatments can help temporarily, but a reduction in height occurs again with standing and walking upright.